Acadia National Park Community


Acadia National Park Community is a nonprofit advocacy and community organization that promotes an appreciation of Acadia National Park and the surrounding region, its history and cultural heritage, environmental education, conservation, and sustainable communities.

Acadia National Park is often the first thing that comes to mind when people think about Maine and it typically is the first thing that comes to mind when they think about Maine’s environment, vacationing in Maine, outdoor recreation in Maine, and conservation in Maine.

We as an organization hope to extend the passion and love people feel for Acadia and the recognition people have for Acadia into passion for, and recognition of, the many issues in conservation, ecology, and outdoor recreation that are connected to Acadia and the rest of the natural world in Maine that don’t always receive as much attention as they deserve.

By illustrating the ways in which issues effecting Acadia also effect Acadia’s surrounding communities, the state of Maine, the greater region, the nation, and the world, we hope to use the love for and visibility of Acadia National Park to encourage knowledge of and advocacy for issues that effect both the park and the greater world.

When we use the word community in connection with Acadia National Park we are referring to several groups that are all interconnected. 
We are referring to the community of people that work within the park, whether they work for the park, work for the park’s partner organizations, work for nonprofit research, advocacy, and educational organizations or work for for profit businesses.
We are referring to the peopel “from away”  who come to visit the park from both near and far.
We are referring to the people that live in the communities that surround the park both locally and in the greater Downeast area of Maine or any region of Maine that is effected by the actions of the park or people traveling through Maine to visit the park.
We referring to anyone who cares about and is interested in the issues that effect both the park and the surrounding communities, Maine, and the greater world.
We are refering to the flora and fauna tht live within in and around the park, the bats, bees, puffins, whales, frogs, trees, flowers lichens, sea weed, and every other living creature.
We are referring to those who came before us whose work helped to conserve and shape Acadia and many places surrounding it and whose spirits and culture are with us still.

Some of the goals of our organization include:

1) Disseminating important information about the park and the surrounding region, including information on issues relating to conservation, ecology, outdoor recreation, and the natural and cultural history of the park and the region. 
At the moment we do this primarily through the Acadia National Park Community Facebook page. We will look to utilize additional outlets as time goes by, such as this website.

2) Encouraging greater visitation of the park and the surrounding region during the summer season and especially year round.

3) Encouraging more people to visit the other areas of the park besides the areas already most visited (Cadillac Mountain Summit, areas along the Park Loop Road), and encouraging more people to walk, bike, and take the Island Explorer buses into the park and less people to use their individual cars.

4) Helping the park to raise the percentage of people that buy their park pass by raising awareness of the requirement to buy a pass and the options available for buying one.

5) Promote people’s awareness, use of, and support for other conserved and recreational areas within the region of the park but outside of the park itself.

6) Helping to raise awareness of and support for the many organizations in Maine that work towards increasing conservation and protection of Maine’s environment and illustrating how their work relates to Acadia and the surrounding region.

7) Promoting both the for profit and nonprofit organizations in the the region surrounding the park that help facilitate people’s connection to and appreciation of the natural world.

8) Making a directory of both for profit and nonprofit businesses in the region surrounding the park that help to facilitate people’e greater appreciation of and connection to the natural world and establishing a set of sustainability guidelines that these businesses will pledge to in order to be included in the directory.
In this way we hope to become a central source of information for people in the area and visiting the area who are looking to engage in outdoor recreation, volunteerism, environmental education, and any activity that helps them experience the natural world.
By highlighting the many organizations involved in this kind of work, facilitating cooperation between them, and making them easier and more accessible to those looking for their services we hope to raise the profile of this region of Maine as a place where people go to not only see beautiful scenery but also a place where people go to learn about sustainable businesses and organizations and be exposed to high quality environmental education.

9) Promoting the development of Bar Harbor and the other towns in the Downeast region of Maine surrounding the park in a direction that will help to make this region of Maine synonymous in people’s mind not only with the park and outdoor recreation but also with sustainable communities and environmental education.

10) Helping to establish new areas in the region surrounding the park that will be open to the general public and/or members of the Acadia National Park Community organization for visitation and recreation, especially coastal areas, areas around lakes, and coastal islands.
These areas are very sought after and are often owned and bought by private landowners who close them off to the public.
Our first preference in this goal is to help to establish new conserved areas but we will also work with private landowners willing to open their land to use by the public and/or members of our organization.

11) Promoting long term and sustainable management of natural resources within Acadia, the surrounding region, and the state of Maine.

12) Promoting visitation of the park and the surrounding region by a diversity of people.  We especially seek to encourage visitation by minorities and young people.

13) Promoting accessibility to the park and surrounding region and communities for people with special needs.

14) Promoting measures that make people’s involvement in outdoor sports and activities available in the park and the surrounding region easier, especially for people new to those sports and activities.

15) Promoting knowledge of the cultural heritage and history of the region’s first inhabitants, the Wabanaki peoples, and current issues facing those communities.

16) Promoting an awareness of opportunities for citizen science in Acadia, the surrounding region, and Maine and helping to raise awareness and understanding of citizen science in general.

17) Advocating in favor of local, county, state and federal legislation and actions that seek to enhance conservation, sustainable communities, opportunities for public recreation in the outdoors, and the protection of the environment.

18) Advocating against local, county, state and federal legislation and actions that will have a negative impact upon conservation, sustainable communities, opportunities for public recreation in the outdoors, and the protection of the environment.

We can be contacted though the organization’s Facebook page. www.facebook/acadianationalparkcommunity
or through sending us an email at

Acadia National Park Community